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Become a dealer with daVideo to re-sell our unique high quality video camera sunglasses. Absolutely nothing like it on the market. We have specially designed our video recording glasses to withstand high speeds and handling the most extreme action sports. We give you access to sell our official daVideo Camera glasses online or in your store.  Our sunglasses are perfect sellers for roller coaster enthusiasts, motorcyclists, racer car drivers, fishermen, snowboarders, hikers and extreme sports athletes.

When you sign up to become a dealer with daVideo Camera, we will give you a custom coupon code. You can order wholesale or you can simply enter your special coupon code at checkout.

How to Place Dropship Orders

One benefit of being a dealer for our glasses, is that you will not have to stock any glasses.

Step 1 – your customer places their order with you for the glasses online or in your store.

2 – place your order for our glasses on our website.

3 – enter the special coupon code we emailed you at checkout.

4 – enter your billing info and your customer’s shipping info and address.

5 – your profit has been made and we ship the glasses to your customer the same day. Tracking number will be sent to you, for you to email to your customer.

daVideo Dropshipping Program

If you have any dropshipping questions or would like to receive an application, please email us at: [email protected].

daVideo Camera Authorized Reseller Program

If you have any reseller questions or want to order wholesale, please email us at: [email protected].

    Instant Vibration Touch Recording

    We have listened to extreme sports athletes from around the world to help us design our latest glasses. The most important feature they wanted in their recording glasses, was vibration touch. When you start and stop recording, you will feel a vibration to let you know, without needing to look. This is a great new feature because athletes do not want to be distracted during action sports.

    Extremely Fast 60fps Recording

    Our daVideo Rikor glasses are able to handle super fast 60fps video recording. 60fps is twice as fast as other cameras on the market. You now can record very smooth videos at extremely high speeds with no problems.

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