daVideo Rikor Video Camera Sunglasses

The daVideo Rikor video camera sunglasses is our most advanced glasses we have ever released.  Stunning 60fps allows you to record smooth video of fast action sports. Video camera glasses allow you to record HD 1080p video while being hands free.

davideo rikor

daVideo Rikor

Our unique patented designed daVideo Rikor video camera sunglasses feature a vertically tiltable camera lens that can be adjusted 12° downward and 10° upward. The water resistant frame is made of a super light weight & flexible Grilamid TR90 material, and shaped to fit different head sizes. Our ANSI Z87.1 standard, UV400, interchangeable quality lenses are 2.2mm thick and are designed to handle the most extreme sports. Our video camera glasses also allow you to easily insert your own prescription lenses.  Adjustable comfortable nose pads allow a custom fit to meet the needs of all different sized faces.

The daVideo Rikor video camera sunglasses records at 1080p @ 30fps or 720p @ 60fps.  The 110° wide angle Sony low light sensor lens captures all the action in your videos. The dual channel AAC2 true stereomicrophones capture clear audio, with unwanted noise reduction. Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to connect your daVideo Rikor glasses to our free iOS/Android app. Change camera settings, download, and share your videos with friends on FacebookSnapchat and Instagram.


video camera sunglasses

Click here to see how our most advanced daVideo Rikor compares with the daVideo Akia and daVideo Presta.

daVideo Rikor Video Sunglasses

The daVideo Rikor may possibly be the best HD camera glasses you have ever seen.  Why do we think our daVideo Rikor are the best camera sunglasses ever made?  Our glasses record at an incredible 60fps speed and able to support up to 128GB of storage.  That means you can store thousands of HD videos or over 30,500 high resolution 12MP photos!  If you dont need 128GB memory, we also offer 16GB32GB and 64GB micro SD cards. Click here to see what 60fps and 30fps means.

In our latest most advanced model ever, the daVideo Rikor, we feature vibration alerts.  Athletes from around the world asked for glasses they could record hands free without ever having to look at LED lights.  Now you can feel the frames vibrate each time you start and stop your recordings.  We still feature LED lights so you have the ability to see exactly what mode your glasses are in. You can click here to read our video camera sunglasses instructions.

Wi-Fi App

With our unique HD camera sunglasses, you can change all the camera settings right through your iOS and Android device.  With other glasses on the market, you cannot do this, or you would have to wait until you are home on computer to make changes.  Download our free Wi-Fi mobile app, and instantly update all your camera settings for any situation.  We give you the ability to see live feedstreaming video, change recording resolution, exposure, volume, saturation, white balance and more.  You can even use your cell phone as a remote control to start and stop recording. Instantly download and share all your photos and videos with your friends on FacebookSnapchat and Instagram.

Advanced Features

One of the best features in our latest sunglasses with camera and microphone, is the realistic true stereo sound.  Built in AAC2 channel dual microphones set our glasses apart from the competition.  While watching the videos, you can actually hear the sounds coming from all different directions. The daVideo Rikor is not sold in Walmart or Best Buy.

If you need durable strong HD camera glasses for extreme sports, you found the right place.  We are proud to say our daVideo Rikor meets and exceeds ANSI Z87.1 standards.  This certification means our glasses pass the extensive impact and heat resistant tests.  You can also click here to see what ANSI Z87.1 certification means.  Our thick 2.2mm UV400 lenses block out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm protection.  We use Grilamid TR90 material, so they are comfortable to wear while also being lightweight and flexible.

Our DVR camera glasses can handle extreme sports at the most extreme temperatures.  480mAh high capacity lithium polymer battery handles temperatures between -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius) to 131 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees Celsius).  Fully charge the battery in about 1-2 hours. Our glasses make a perfect alternative to much higher priced gopro action cameras.

daVideo Rikor Features

HD 1080P / 720P

Records HD 1080P @ 30fps or 720 @ 60fps. Capture perfect point of view video.


Tilt the camera lens 12° upword or 10° downward to capture the perfect shot.


The daVideo Rikor video camera sunglasses can output a wifi signal; wirelessly connect it to any iOS/Android device and app.


Super thick 2.2mm lenses for your video camera glasses. Reinforced frame & impact resistant.


Your video camera sunglasses have a built in high quality 12MP camera

Take still photos with a click of a button. Take one picture at a time or take a burst shot of 3 photos at a time.


Compressing format: H.264
Resolution: 1920 x 1080p @ 30fps and 1280 x 720P @ 60fps
Ratio Image: 16:9


Why did we feature vibration alerts in our new daVideo Rikor video camera glasses?  Athletes from around the world all asked us for new video glasses that would be totally hands free.  Consumers did not want to have to look for hard to see LED lights while outside in bright sunlight during activities.  We designed the daVideo Rikor to notify you instantly when the video recording begins, and when it stops.

Nothing is worse than missing a once in a lifetime experience video or photo, all because you thought the LED light was on when it wasnt.  You now have LED lights to be able to notify you indoors and also hands free vibration alerts.  While skiing down a mountain, skateboarding, or reeling in a big fish, you can easily feel the vibration when your glasses start to record!


Add up to 128gb memory to your video camera sunglasses


480mAh high capacity lithium polymer battery handle extreme temperatures between -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius) to 131 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees Celsius)  Fully charge battery in about 2 hours.

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What’s All Included with your daVideo Rikor?

1080p daVideo Rikor video recording glasses
Carrying hard case
Carrying bag
Head strap lanyard
Cleaning cloth
Micro USB 2.0 high speed cable
USB 2.0 high speed reader
Video camera glasses Warranty card
User manual in English

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Clear Lens for daVideo Rikor only $9.95

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