We will be adding instruction manuals and troubleshooting videos for the daVideo Rikor, daVideo Akia and daVideo Presta here.  To view the user manual for the daVideo camera glasses, click here.

Failing to start – Dead battery – Recharge battery or try hitting reset button

Auto shut off – Low battery or memory card full – Recharge battery or remove files from card

Recordings not saving – Memory card full – Delete unwanted files on card

If app doesnt connect to glasses, try closing app and reconnecting

If glasses wont respond, plug them into computer and hit reset button

See how to easily change the daVideo camera lenses


Here you can see the differences between the daVideo Akia, daVideo Presta and the most advanced daVideo Rikor sunglasses.


daVideo Rikor – our top of the line high tech sunglasses. Featuring 60fps, 1080p HD video, 12MP built in camera, stereo sound, Sony sensor, vibration alert, WIFI and more!

video sunglasses

daVideo Akia – our older original style glasses, great for beginners or kids. Features 30fps 720p video, 5MP built in camera and audio recording.  60 degree wide angle of view vs the daVideo Rikor which has a 110 degree angle.


daVideo Presta – the only video camera eyeglasses we offer. Features 30fps 720p video with 5MP built in camera.  For those who want a normal looking pair of eyeglasses and record in office and indoors. Tiny sized pinhole camera located on the side of the frames.

video camera sunglasses

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